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Who We Are

Meet the people who are working to keep local history alive!


The Board of Directors for the Historical Society of Wells and Ogunquit meets on the last Tuesday of the month in the Esselyn Perkins Library at the Meetinghouse.  All members are welcome.  Please contact us if you plan to attend.

Interested in joining our Board or becoming one of our valued volunteers? We'd love to hear from you!


We were very happy to have Bryce Waldrop join us in July 2020 as our new Executive Director.  Originally from upstate New York, Bryce moved to southern Maine in 2011 with his wife and two daughters and enjoys living in our beautiful and historic area.  With his background in architecture and historic preservation, Bryce brings 25 years of experience as a preservation architect and architectural historian, making him a perfect fit for the Society.  Bryce loves old buildings, houses, art, hiking, writing, and exploring new-old places with his family.  Please join us in welcoming Bryce!


We are grateful every day for the hard work and varied talents of our volunteers.  From leading guided tours to organizing our archives to carpentry work and more, our volunteers get it done.  A big thank you to Bill Farr, Bonnie Johnson, Lorraine Morse, Tommy Esson, Linda Littlefield Grenfell, and Julie Goodwin.  We couldn't do it without you!

Board of Directors & Staff

Suellen Goodman

Suellen Goodman Board Chair

Rachael Pawlik

Rachael Pawlik Vice Chair


Marilyn Stanley Treasurer

Irene Crocker

Irene Crocker Director

Julie Twombly

Julie Twombly Director

Heidi Soper

Heidi Soper Director

Sean Roche

Sean Roche Director

Robin Millward

Robin Millward Director

Chuck MacDonald

Chuck MacDonald Director

Bryce Waldrop

Bryce Waldrop Executive Director

Pam Newcombe

Pam Newcombe Bookkeeper

TOWN HISTORIAN - Hope Moody Shelley

Hope Moody Shelley became involved with the Historic Preservation Commission in the 1970’s and joined the Historical Society in 1978.  She was Society President from 1978 to 1981 and again in the 1990’s.

Hope became the Wells Town Historian in 1992 and still serves in that role today.  She’s written many articles on history for several local newspapers and she started our Waves & Furrows newsletter.  She also developed and co-authored the “Wandering through Wells” series and was heavily involved in coordinating the Town’s 350th celebration in 2003.


Hope has written several books, including Beaches of Wells; Vital Records of Wells Maine 1619-1950; and My Name is Wells, I am the Town.  She also transcribed the 18th-century journal of John Littlefield and led the effort to locate and document the 200-plus private cemeteries in Wells.

Growing up locally, Hope attended Wells schools, where she marched in the band, played sports, and excelled in academics.  After graduating in 1952, Hope had a career in nursing and also served as School Nurse in Wells Schools.

After devoting more than 40 years to volunteerism in the town of Wells, Hope was recognized as the 2018 Wells Volunteer of the Year.  Thank you, Hope!

Hope Moody Shelley
Hope Moody Shelley
Wells Town Historian


1954 - 1956  Waldo Chick

1956 - 1958  Roby P. Littlefield

1958 - 1959  Col. Carroll H. Clark

1959 - 1960  Esselyn G. Perkins

1960 - 1962  Evan Smith

1962 - 1963  Carl Perkins

1963 - 1966  A. Lord Littlefield

1966 - 1968  Constance Littlefield

1968 - 1970  Gertrude Anderson

1970 - 1972  Albert Robinson

1972 - 1974  India Woodbury

1974 - 1975  Onice Lewis

1975 - 1977  Evan Smith

1977 - 1979  Carroll Beals

1979 - 1981  Hope M. Shelley

1981 - 1984  Leah Benway

1984 - 1985  Mary Jo Lee

1985 - 1986  Hope M. Shelley

1986 - 1987  Catharine Blaisdell


1987 - 1989   Joan B. Adams

1989 - 1992   Newell S. Perkins

1992 - 1995   Jay Smith

1995 - 1996  Curtis Wormwood

1996 - 1997  Gordon Lewis

1997 - 1998  Joseph Sheehan

1998 - 1999  Kathleen Wright

1999 - 2001  Walter Leffler

2002 - 2004  Diana Abbott / Bob Jorgensen

2004 - 2005  Diana Abbott / Kathy Wright

2005 - 2008  Dennis Hardy

2008 - 2009  Leo Ouellette

2009 - 2011   Lee Richheimer

2011 - 2022   Irene Crocker

2022 -          Suellen Goodman

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