Video Archive

in case you missed one of our presentations, or would like to watch it again, here is a selection of programs presented by HSWO in the past.  Just click on the video link of your choice to watch and listen.

Billboard Monuments of Maine

November 2020

Ron Romano, Author

Ron Romano tells us about his new book and gives a fascinating talk about cemeteries, gravestones and billboard monuments.  Signed copies of his book are for sale in our Gift Shop.  (Curbside pickup available!)

A Storm of Witchcraft

February 2022

Emerson Baker, Author and Historian

It took a perfect storm of factors ranging from religious discord to political factionalism and the worst weather of the century to create the greatest witch hunt in American history in Salem in 1692.

Emerson 'Tad' Baker gives us a fascinating overview of his new book and shows why many of the witch trial participants were war refugees from Maine.

Historic House Styles in Southern Maine, Part 1: 1630-1830

December 2020

Bryce Waldrop,

HSWO Administrator

Join our Administrator, Bryce Waldrop, as he shows how to identify the style and time period of houses in southern Maine from pre-colonial times to the 1830s.

Historic House Styles in Southern Maine, Part 2: The Victorian Era

January 2021

Bryce Waldrop,

HSWO Administrator


Join our Administrator, Bryce Waldrop, as he takes us on a colorful journey through the Victorian Era with a look at some fascinating houses right here in southern Maine.